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There’s a habit I tend to have, where I tend to get reflect quite a bit during the still and quiet of late night. And, as I tend to do, I thought back to my past experiences, and in a rare moment. It was quite a positive feeling, thinking back to my past on the forums.

I remember finding my first furry Discord server through the Furaffinity Forums. Official Boredom Furries, followed by another server that I no longer recall the name of. Both are gone now sadly, just as many faces come and go from the forums. Though, I met many wonderful friends on that discord and on these forums.

I used to feel like I was a ghost, really. Before I started putting myself out there, barely anybody to talk to me or even give me the time of day. I felt like that for quite a bit of my life and jumping onto these forums helped to end that part of my life. I’m ever grateful for the friends I met and people who have stuck around.

Anyways, enough sappy crap.

I also had a good time in Last Post wins, just using it as a vector for telling terrible jokes. :p Or just silly shenanigans of that Christmas thread with the stupidly long title, or even all the weird questions I got in that AMA thread.

But enough about me, what are some good forum memories for ya?


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