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First Fursuit Head as Surprise Gift

If you want realistic, then your best course of action is to buy a resin base. DreamVision Creations actually supplies lots of realistic makers with bases! You can find their store here. If it’s your first, it’s a good idea to buy a cut and hinged resin base, a two-color jawset, a nose, a tongue and some eye mesh from here. DVC also offers eye blanks, but they no longer offer pre-painted eyes. However, StuffedPandaStudios offers some really beautiful pre-painted eyes up on their Etsy! If you want to go with a partial, then DVC also offers claws, pawpads, and foot bases. I buy my fur from which is a furry-run fur business. After this, you should be all set up to start! Of course, a glue gun, scissors, duct tape, and upholstery thread and a good needle is also necessary, but that’s a little more obvious, haha!

If you have any more questions I’ll be happy to help! ;)


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