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Feral YCH (starting with $40) | Dusk field

Auction Link:

Digital YCH for a feral character. Payment to PayPal
*Any species
*Any gender
It’s not a completed background, It will be finished more detailed!

If bid will be less then $ 60 – the character will be with line, above $ 60 – the character without line. Autobuy – 80$

Auction is over after 24 hours after last bid

How does it work?

* You send the character reference
* I remake a sketch for you character and send it to you, correct it according to your desire, and you credit me a fee.
* Upon completion of the work, I send you a finished document

Usually, the lead time can reach from several weeks to 2-3 months. If work is needed by a certain date, this should be agreed upon separately and in advance.



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