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Feral frontals and type? | Fur Affinity Forums


I feel like for the most part I’m pretty confident with my anatomy, but full or almost full frontals of ferals have always given me nothing but pain. They just always look so awkward, even when you get them right… so, what do y’all think I can do for this one, if anything? It still looks off to me but I’ve been staring at it for so long I really can’t figure out what lol.

Also, type. Never worked with it before but wanted to add it to this one and give it a little more graphic design elements than my previous sheets, since she’s my sona and it took me literal years to come up with a design I could see myself in rather than just another character. Obviously everything here is still very sketchy, but does anything look off about the type at all? Do the shapes work? I dunno, general advice or redlines on anything here would be appreciated. Thanks



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