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Oh wow, that’s so cool!

I think it’d be super awesome to meet Jim Cummings and get his autograph. That guy was the voice of my childhood. :D

Oh, definitely.
It’s actually kind of how I made my way here to FA.

Story time:
I had always been a big cartoon fan growing up and when Rob Paulsen started his Talkin’ Toons podcast years ago, he invited people to submit questions that he would answer in upcoming episodes. So I created a Twitter account just to submit a question. I never really use my real ID online so I just made the account based on my favorite cartoon character. (He did actually answer my question in an episode). I made a few in-character tweets after that but didn’t plan on using the account any more.

A few days later I got a notification that Joe Alaskey was following me and I’m pretty sure my heart stopped (Joe provided the voice of the character I picked for the account). At that point I felt the need to be active again and it became a tribute account for the character, and then the show, and then animation in general. Early followers were fans of the show and I’m guessing people thought it was a real account from the studio because I started getting follows from voice artists, animators and even producers. It was amazing having little back-and-forths and trading jokes with the people that I consider childhood gods.

But it’s hard to come up with new material when the show’s been off the air for 20+ years so I commissioned some character art and they were very popular. That attracted artists, many of whom I noticed were furries. At that point I knew the fandom was a thing, but was under the impression you had to have a suit or at least be an artist to be part of it and when I saw suits started at $1500, I didn’t look into it further. But I still loved seeing the fursona art and when I found out all I needed was to really appreciate antrhos, I wanted to create a new account that wasn’t an established character. I came up with Marius, commissioned more art until I got the design I liked and then officially joined the fandom by signing up here a few months ago.

I’m a furry and a cartoon nerd. Yay!


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