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Experimental sketch requests (open) | Fur Affinity Forums

oki doki so I’m not new in the normal page but I’m new here let’s go.
Rules, yes I gotta have rules, I’ve done so many of these I’ve seen a couple of things.

bocetín mío.jpeg.png

1 ONE character per user, don’t be greedy let others participate darling!
2 Send a pic of your oc OR a character you want me to do fanart of. (doctor who, undertale, disney idk whatever dude! many characters too choose from!)
3 NO NSFW REFFERENCES, unfortunately it’s been some of you guys that have sent me nsfw stuff, either don’t send it, censor it, like black box censor I don’t wanna see anything, or crop it., the safer for work the better, mmhh’kay?!
4 No descriptions (or description only I mean if they come from a book or you can’t draw to save yourself haha), since I’m still figuring things out and those take me weay more time that it should, I’d rather just have the picture.
5 For very stylized artstyles or begginner artwork, do provide a bit of a description on both the specie, race and or etnicity, gender maybe, age, clothing if any, and whatever detail you might want me to include, don’t assume I can read your mind! I wanna do your character properly. (also for mammals, make sure to mention if they have whiskers or not, I love drawing whiskers and not all have them lol)
6 Patience! do not spam out of all people in devianart and in here a lot of people love to send their characters and queue fills fast!
7 No political, religious, idelogical or any sorta movement arround here, let’s just have fun.
8 No promoting your stuff here, makes it harder to scroll trough
9 Have fun, interact with me, others, compliment their oc’s and let’s just get along :D!

Okay that’s about it, I’d like to also shamelessly promote myself if I can HAHAHA, (if there is a change you take it hahahah though feel free to skip it)
Currently I’m not doing a lot of illustrations or stand alone artwork I’m onlycurrently working on a comic called “Join me in heaven” a story with fantasy, drama, surreal and psychological horror elements to it.
pg 1IC.jpg
Ya’ll can check it here. vvv
It’s also in here but you can check older artwork:
I do extra stuff in these places!

That’s it have fun!
while I figure out things and do some oc’s of yours.

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