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I hate to do this but I desperately need to take my kitten to the vet. I believed she had just a cold till last night when I noticed her face started swelling and I think she has a tooth infection by the looks of it with one fang even split in half. I know tooth infections can get very bad very quickly and we just got caught up on bills after going through covid so we don’t have the extra money to make an emergency appointment, with them being booked out on regular appointments for at least a week.

I can take half body and have quick turnarounds (usually 24 hrs)
These would be a pay what you can commission so I can make the most to get her seen quickly.

So please if you like my style and previous works and would like a commission this is a great opportunity to get something done. I can only take payments via PayPal or Venmo at this time but it would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you for even looking!


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