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(edited) looking for story commissioner.

I am looking for a Commissioner preferably one who wrights or has done any mocrophilia related stories as thats the main theme here. the reason iam putting this advertisement on here is because as youll find out this is a pretty big story. id originally asked a commissioner on FA to do it but they couldn’t wright it in the end so thats why iam posting it all on here. Below is all the info abd details about the story but if you have any more questions feel free to ask away.

word length is 20K to 40k. (can be discussed though like everything eles here)

please don’t contact me on here though i proberly wont get back to you sorry. instead itd way better if you contacted me on my FA notes at:

or my discord address:


ok so this story is a really dizzy basically it is about a micro human been forced to play a board game made specifically to humiliate and torment micros called “macros rule” (only name i can think of we can think of some better ones if its a little lame)

Basically its set in a modern furry world where humans are the micros and are treated as just bugs or some are even kept as pets or toys our human Rex though who is the stores portagonist is one of the lucky ones because his managed to stay hidden fro the macros for so long and he is now living within the walls of a macros house. The macro that owns the house Rex is living in is a anthro horse called (ill let you decide name can’t think of one) but one with arms and legs not the normal type feet are also plantigrade. his a in his mid 20s and is a bit of a tec fact his the one who made the macros rule board game and he has a copy of the game himself only this on is a hologram that can be projected on any surface so for the game with the tiny rex he chooses the palm of his hand to be reds board, so yeah its projected onto his palm which is more or less landscape size to rex seen as his only 1inch. So basically Rex gets caught and now has to play the macros game for the horses amusement or his gonna pay.

(i have a lot more info than just this as well but due to the rules of no posting adult content on the form i cant go into details on here so ill give you everything once you contact me)


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