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Always a good topic interest of mine, but these threads become forgotten fairly quickly…

Last night (Around 9AM or so)… Yes 9AM. I was almost about to wake up so this is why I remember it so vividly.

At any rate… last night, I had a dream that I was playing something on an off-brand game console. (The game looked like a cross betwixt “Maplestory and Elder Scroll”)… I exited 1st person view from the game and was able to see my projection holding a controller that looked like a Wii-mote blended into an X-Box controller. Now for the odder part…

I looked down to my side and saw this cerulean blue lizard-cat with tiny wings on it. It behaved like a cat, as it rolled to it’s stomach, it stretched out it’s paw and it was like an iguana’s limb. The body was smooth and the tail had a bright blue hue to it with an arrow at the very tip.

Man it looked neat, as I had seen something like this before in other dreams, I believe it might be my shape-shifting wolf friend as this has been seen transforming into cats and dragons and size in some of my other dreams in the past… I wouldn’t put it past them.

It was nice to see this being again if it was this dream wolf… but it was way late in the dream to see my ‘sona as this usually accompanies the wolf and I have to watch my dream self battle something or visit other “worlds”… I digress.

This happened earlier this morning and it could just be a normal dream, but it was still neat. ^v^


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