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Drawing my fursona | Fur Affinity Forums

Alright! So, I have 0 artistic ability and so that led me to the thought of drawing my own fursona! Lol, I’m only kidding. I just don’t want to commission someone when I don’t have a visual for them to use. I just kinda have a few pictures that I would like to combine together and hopefully they would understand what to do with it because I am extremely picky about this kinda stuff! I decided instead, to draw my own sona. And I did! But, I hate how it turned out. It’s not that the art is bad, because I was proud that I could actually do it. I’m mad because I made it look too much like my profile picture, which I was using as a base. I also feel that I made it look more extra than it really is, you know?

So, this is what it’s looking like:

It’s supposed to be like a moth-dragon thing.

What can I do to fix it?


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