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*Does commissions dance* Riboo’s Commissions!!!!!

Riboo’s Commissions

About me: Hiya! Name’s Ri (They/Them) I’ve been doing art since I was able to hold a pencil pretty much, and I think I never learned to let go of it ;P Now, I’m aspiring to work on becoming a full time artist as a career, so its time to get myself back out there in the world of COMMISSIONS!! Imagine there was an echo after that statement, hehehe. I’m something of an introvert, a offbeat goof and I consider myself a pretty hard worker when it comes to self discipline, but enough about me anywho, lets get to the important bits and the art!

Turnaround time:
AKA the big one that most people wanna know up front!
I work on a slot based system, ordinarily having five openings before I close my commissions up and pour my focus into getting them done, as a client of mine you should expect anything from a week to a month’s time on your piece once I get to your spot in line. That being said, it usually doesn’t take me anywhere near a month, this is more for expecting the unexpected as life is a bit messy like that sometimes. And yeah I’m looking at the calendar feeling like I never left 2019 XD

So before contacting me? I’d prefer if folks took a gander at my commissions sheet, I tucked it under spoiler because its a CHUNGUS, so here you go!

Commissions Sheet:


Before contacting me:
Please make sure you’ve looked through my commissions sheet and pricing as well as my TOS because by agreeing to commission me, you agree to the terms and conditions as well. I have a form for folk’s ease of use, organization and all those fun bits, please have it filled out and shoot it my way when you’re ready

Preferred Contact:

Commission type:


Details of Commission:

Form of payment:


Contact info:
At this point, if you’re interested, you might want to contact me! Here’s where you can reach me! I highly suggest people that are interested and want to get a hold of me quickly to go through Discord, when I’m on my computer? I’m always on discord and you’ll get the fastest communication and response time there!
Discord: Riboo#5557

Please let me know if links break for one reason or another ^ ^;;

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