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Critique: – Seeking constructive criticism for bull-TF artwork in semi-realistic style

Hi, I am a long-time FA visitor (10 years maybe), a complete learner in art and recently decided to contribute to the community by drawing up something in my mind.
While practicing what I learnt in color/lighting/digital painting/anatomy and many techniques, I decided to put some extra work and thought into the practice pieces so the process becomes more challenging and the work becomes something worth sharing, not something buried in the scrapbook.

So here is an ongoing sequence of bull-TF and the latest piece of it, depicting a young men half-transformed and doing some NSFW stuff. I aim for convincing and imaginative art, which I think are the two most important qualities for NSFW TF artwork. I am pursuing a realistic style, maybe not like drawing it like real, but I want the viewers to see the art and can readily imagine how the depicted scene can actually happen in the physical world.

And a censored preview here for your convenience, some anatomy depiction unavoidably covered.

If you view the whole sequence and some of my other non-furry practice in the scrapbook, you will see I was deliberately choosing different angles/perspectives/poses for the purpose of practicing, and trying a few different techniques.

I have some general questions:
a. What do you see in my work (not limited to this specific picture) that can be readily changed and improved? In other words, obvious mistakes/bad choices/techniques I don’t know.

b. Where should I put more effort in to improve in the long run? In other words, problems that can not be avoided with much more learning and practicing.

c. Anything that came into your mind that you think I should know.

Some specific questions I have that I also posted in the artwork description:
a. Darker shading looks pretty nice and sharp on my device (iPad Pro), but once uploaded it looks dirty and kind of lost the original feel of it. I tried lowering the shading contrast so it looks kind of cleaner submitted. Why does it look better darker in full size and definition on my device? Pure illusion or? And why it seems better to use less shading uploaded here? I heard AO shading applied badly make the artwork dirty. How can I do better, in terms of clean and convincing lightwork?

b. I am drawing with Procreate and as I start to draw characters with fur, I had difficulty adding the process of drawing fur in to my work flow of painting silhouette -> painting details with clipping mask-> applying shading and highlights. The problem is fur actually grow beyond the body silhouette so I can’t just clip it. When should I add fur in my workflow? Or is Procreate not the best tool for this?

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