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Critique: – need critiquing help on a reference sheet! possible redlining help is appreciated! legs and feet will be the end of me

hello!! I am working on redrawing a commission sketch that had funky anatomy, I think the overall sketch looks okay however, I am struggling with the legs and feet on the back view body. I think it’s the angle and position that’s throwing me off, I cannot get the feet to match the front view, or at least look like it’s the same angle in the back as it is in the front.

I would like an overall critique for the entire piece but with focus on the backview body and the feet. Redline help will be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you for looking!!

Here is my sketch, the original was done in Paint Tool Sai on my PC and I decided to try fixing it up on my phone a bit.

here is the original version:



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