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COMMISSIONS OPEN!!! [I draw anything, any kink! ~ starting at 35€/$41]

Let me draw your dirty dirty fantasies! I’ve drawn pretty much ANYTHING so nothing will shock me! Drawings can stay private too (I have a few anon commissioners!)
I just prefer payment in euros via paypal (here’s a currency converter to be sure on how much you pay!)
You can contact me on this post, Furaffinity notes, or even my email jekcommissions @ !

– Anything

I’ve already did scat, guro, diaper furs and other fetishes, I don’t mind! The only thing I //don’t like// is troll art made only to harass/troll someone, this is not okay! (AND OF COURSE I can draw non nsfw things! Duh!)
Oh and for the same price I can make a pixel art, if you prefer that style! It will look like this (the drawing is censured here but it’s not on my furaffinity page):

COMMISSION BUCHE pixel art Herb small.png

// BE WARNED, THO!! My furaffinity page contains: BLOOD, SCAT, GURO, WEIRD CHARACTER PORN, BODY HORROR, UNUSUAL FETISHES. I don’t draw anything illegal, but! There’s some weird kink in there! Thats it! Have fun! //


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