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(Commissions) [Open] (10$+) Selling Semi Realistic Character Portraits, Scenes and Reference Sheets. Painterly style/Flat color

Hello I am open for commissions. I take payment via paypal, or venmo. If you are intersted, please send me a note here or message me on Discord- Cery#6282, Twitter-SaltyCery, Instagram- b48cery. Let’s make something cool!

I will draw, furries, humanoids, humans, ferals, monsters, mecha, gore, heavy gore, body horror, blood, armor, muscular/bara characters.

I won’t draw, nsfw, fetish art, offensive art, hate speech, mlp characters, eyebleeding characters, extremely complex characters, cutesey characters, candy gore, pastel gore, fruit gore, dutch angel dragons, w*ndigos.


I have a right to decline your commission for any reason. I take payment after sketch, or half and half payment. You can get a refund if I cannot complete your commission. I have all rights to use your commission as an art example or in my portfolio, I will never claim your character as my own. I’m always able to email the art or transfer the art by toyhouse. DO NOT RUSH ME. I don’t do deadlines at the moment. Turnaround time is 1 week-1 months. The reason the time varies so heavily is because I am chronically ill, disabled and have unbearable chronic pain. These usually don’t take me that long, and is usually a quick service. I will keep you updated, as I strive to have good communication. I do send progress pictures. You can get revisions and you can ask for changes during sketch, lineart and coloring phase. After those are done and you have approved, there can be no more changes. You can expect a WIP every few hours to a few days. I will go into specifics of when to expect WIPs when you give me the details of the piece you’d like.

Painted Headshot is 35-55$

Flat headshot is 10-15$

Painted halfbody is 40-50$

Flat Halfbody is 15-25$

Flat fullbody is 30-45$

Scenes start at 60$ and go up to 145$. Price will be communicated based on the specifics of the commission. + Additional character is 20-45$

Ref sheet is 50-75$

Custom character design is 45-65$


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rathalos comm.jpg


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