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(Commission) Selling: – URGENT COMMISSIONS [OPEN]

Hello everybody! <3​

I urgently need money for about $300, so I will urgently take up commissions​

I accept payment in advance. By time, the work will take at least 3 days or a maximum of a week​

I accept Only PayPal

☽ What I Draw ☾

  • Dragons and other mystical creatures
  • MLPDraconequus
  • Feline
  • Canine
  • Anthro
  • Transformers
  • CustomRedesign

☽ HeadShotHalf Body☾

Each extra headshothalf body

Hide and Seek [COMMISSION]


☽ Full Body☾

Each extra full body $28

Heavenly predacon [OPEN]

Autumn draconequus [OPEN]

Full body+headshot: $65
Each extra full body $28
Each extra headshot $10

The Spirit of Halloween



Do you want to catch a cold?! [COMMISSION]

Starlight night [COMMISSION]

☽ CustomRedesign☾

$65, + the gift is a headshot without coloring. But if you need a color version of a headshot + $10 for painting

Spiked Dragon [COMMISSION]

The Starry Cloud Dragon [COMMISSION]

Thanks! <3

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