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(Commission) Selling: – PWYW feral sketch commissions

Hey there!

I’m just about to start with commissions, I hope I’m doing this in the correct way. Just tell me, if there’s anything needed to be changed!

So, first of all I’m looking for some simple designed characters and it’s about to earn some pocket money. At least for now.
The minimum price is $2,32. But you can of course pay more, depending on what you think it is worth. I will always do my best and feedback is really appreciated to improve myself!

So, for now, these will only be sketches, but either as headshot, bust, half- or full body and also flat colored and/ or with a simple background, if requested.

What will I do?
Feral/ Animals

Won’t Do
Anthro, Furry, etc. – literally anything else.

I will try most of the feral/ animal section but I won’t promise anything. I’m really on the beginning in doing this but I’m excited to improve myself and can offer much more anytime soon!

I also have the right to decline a request, when the character seems too complex, I don’t feel comfy, etc.

Terms of Services can be read here

current art examples (since the latest ones are only fullbody – I do headshots, busts and halbodys too!):


character/ references:
commission(what do you want: headshot, bust, halfbody, fullbody, colored?):
additional(simple background?):
anything else to mention:

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