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(Commission) Selling: – PWYW (3usd min) PRIDE YCH/COMMISSIONS

hey there! i’m currently raising up funds in order to purchase a repair screen for my laptop so i can start drawing on there again, and i’m having a few issues getting reach over on instagram, so im coming here as well in some efforts to reach out to some more individuals.

i am currently offering:
– pay what you want commissions, three usd minimum
– pay what you want pride icon ych, three usd minimum

important notes:
– i am very busy in real life. it may take me a bit to finish your work if i have long and late work hours. please be patient with me. note: the ych will not take as long as a full commission.
– the price is three dollars usd minimum, but please note that quality and detail is reflective of how much you pay. while i will put effort and quality in each piece, i may not go to extremes if you pay the bare minimum. please let me know how much you are willing to pay on average beforehand so i can work accordingly. especially so if requesting a full commission.
– base changes can be made to the ych (mutations, species change), though note extensive changes may result in a higher minimum price, however unless extremely complicated, it should not be much more than an extra few dollars. note: the first feline species change will be free, but only if it is allowed to become the (or a variation of the) default feline base.
– you can offer art as well… but im mostly looking for usd.
– i take paypal only
– i can try to draw nsfw, but i am not very experienced so it may not turn well. if not working out, i will let you know and things can be discussed from there.







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