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(Commission) Selling: – [Open SFW ONLY] Maxkay123’s Commissions ($6-$25)



All prices may be subject to change based on complexity. Paypal only please!

Slots Open: 5/5

Other types of commissions can be found here:

WILL DRAW: ferals/animals (best), anthros/furries, light gore
WEAKER ON: humanoids, metallic or mechanical features, monsters/creatures
NO: NSFW, suggestive themes, fetishes, heavy gore/body horror, drugs/alcohol, MLP ponies

▲ You MUST have an image reference of your character, no written descriptions please
▲ I am not likely to accept ship art or pieces with more than one character in a single piece. Complex backgrounds are not available.

You can check my queue and progress here:

Please read my TOS before commissioning me:

Thank you so much for reading and/or commissioning me!

You can comment down below or DM me to claim a slot!



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