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(Commission) Selling: – Open Sale Commissions $55-$80! (10 Slots)

Due to an emergency, I am opening some commission spots on sale! I appreciate any business/likes/interactions!

A breakdown of my prices!

Halfbodies $55 (painting of one character to a little past the waist, usually includes simple background)


Fullbodies $80 (painting of one character from head to toe, usually includes a simple background)


References are also available but are regularly priced at $175 (include 2 fully painted views, headshot, color pallet, information, a free NSFW alternate is optional, and a marking view is also optional!)


I can do both nsfw and sfw and there is no price difference. More examples of my work can be found in my FA gallery @Leoniteart ! Feel free to reach out to me either by commenting here or DMing me on telegram or Twitter @Leoniteart !


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