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(Commission) Selling: – LF Consistent Clients To Make Art For

Hello guys, I’m back on the forums! I’ve been wanting more than ever to have a few consistent clients who can help me through hard times and help enhance my hobbies and art skills through commissioning me! I am a small artist and I have been trying to improve my skills lately and I am hoping to be able to one day make the kind of art I’ve always dreamed of making. It’s been fairly successful and I’ve decided to open my commissions. However, they are limited, as I am looking for consistent clients. People who I can work with on a regular basis.

I specialize at feral art, as I have an easier time drawing feral animals!

Some Examples Of My Art:

(Can also be found on DeviantArt and Instagram under the same username, Fernshiine!)

Chibi Lineart:

Fully Shaded Scene: (Iconic Scene From Warriors)

Fire scene.png

Simple Reference Sheet:

Untitled_Artwork (34).png

Shaded Halfbody:

image0 (10).png

Base Custom: (Base by Panicbasket on DeviantArt)

image2 (1).png

Base Custom, Anthro: (Base by BorealBoof on DeviantArt)



Normal Stuff
Flat Chibi Headshots: $3 USD
Feral Base Custom: $5 USD
Shaded Headshot: $5 USD
Anthro Base Custom: $8 USD
Shaded Halfbody: $8 USD
Shaded Icons: $8 USD
Shaded Fullbody: $10 USD
Reference Sheet: $12 USD
Hand-drawn Custom Character: $12 USD
Shaded Scene: $20 USD

Feral Animatic: $30 USD per 30 Seconds
Feral PMV: $50 USD per 30 Seconds


I’m looking for someone who is willing to commission me for multiple projects per month! Someone who is friendly, kind, and who I can work with on discord! I’m willing to do multiple pieces of art at once with people who are interested as well. I’m looking to take 1-3 clients.


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