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(Commission) Selling: – KOLI COMMISSIONS [6$-20$] OPEN [SALE]

Hi! I’m Koli and I’m offering discounted commissions for now because I had a long break from them so it’ll be nice
to ease back in and get some newer examples for my commission sheet
I’ll expand on the type of commissions I offer soon.

I take 3 slots to work on at once, once they’re filled, I can put you in a queue and contact you once one of them is free.
Slots are given on a first come – first serve basis.


I don’t do backgrounds for now, each drawing will get a solid/textured background and you’ll also receive your commission with a transparent bg.

I plan to add traditional commissions done on paper, it’s coming soon :D

I like to experiment with different styles – more cartoony and semi-realistic. If you have something specific in mind, let me know and I’d be happy to work on it!

For now, I offer:
Simple, more experimental headshots for 6$/halfbody for 10$ and fullbody for 15$
(These are less standard as I want to use these for experimenting with my style/shading, so each of them might look different. You can tell me if you prefer more cartoony/semi-realistic style so that it would be more to your liking)

strong 12.jpg

More detailed painting headshots/my standard shading – 10$ / Fullbody for 20$

Agent 12.jpg
Yaebi - ok 2h.jpg
Charine vines.jpg

Some of my other drawings I’ve done:

hithik chibi bg2.jpg

Commission Process:

  • You can contact me regarding your commission here by DMs, through the main site ( ), or by e-mail
  • I have a right to not agree to work on your commission for any reason (it could be because I don’t feel comfortable with the subject, lack of time or personal reasons)
  • After discussing your commission, I’ll send you an invoice through Paypal and I’ll start on it when I receive the payment.
  • I want you to be happy with the drawing, so I’ll be sending you WIPs during the process. I will continue work on the drawing after you accept the sketch, it’s always easier to fix things early on :) It’s especially important with traditional drawings as after I put colour or lineart in, it’s not too easy to change things.
  • After I start working on the commission, I don’t do full refunds, only partial, depending on how much work has been completed.
  • After completing your commission, I will give you a high-resolution file for personal use (I don’t do commercial use for now, maybe a bit later, you can contact me if you’re interested). I might also post the smaller version drawing on my art profiles as a portfolio piece.
  • Please credit me when posting the commission, I will really appreciate link to my profile! I will credit you as well when posting (if you prefer to stay anonymous or something, please let me know).
  • In case of any questions, feel free to ask! As well as if you need more examples of my work, I will be happy to send it.

I can draw:

  • Animals and fantasy creatures
  • Anthro and furries of course :D
  • Humans
  • Characters from description and pictures for references etc.
  • I’m happy to draw in different styles. I often draw in semi-realistic style and cartoon style for my personal art.

I can’t draw:

  • Mecha, cities, cars, etc. (I don’t mind giving it a try, but I don’t guarantee fantastic results)
  • NSFW (tasteful nudity, pin-up is fine, so ask )
  • Violence, gore (some blood and scratches are okay, if there’s no guts and lots of blood, it should be fine)
  • Anything hateful, offensive etc.

You can find more examples of my work in my FurAffinity gallery-

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