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(Commission) Selling: – Help me pay for my visa! (´;ω;`)


Thank you so much for taking a look!
I am selling both SFW and NSFW art and it would mean a lot to me if you commissioned me. Like literally safe my butt at this point.

I am trying to get married and move in with my fiancée. But everything is going wrong. I am from Belgium, she from the UK. So I require a visa to move over there. Logic. Except apparently I need two (£2500-ish pounds in total, $3260), this while still having to pay rent in Belgium (contract ends August so I owe my landlord still 1800-ish USD). This doesn’t include marriage fees, my biometrics, moving my stuff etc. I am fresh out of uni, so while I did save up for 1 visa and most of the rent, I did not consider the second visa. My girlfriend doesn’t have any savings (she is letting me stay at hers without me helping with the bills and provides food for us both so there is that). My source of income stops in April. I am owed some scholarship money, but I wont get it till June. So that’s too late. My family is very unsupportive of me dating a trans women so there is that. No help.

So commissions it will be. That and I am selling a shit ton of stuff. My art (especially NSFW) can be found here =>

I realized on my price sheet, the coloured art isn’t shaded. So just to be sure, for that price I DO shade. My bad.

Anyway thanks a lot for considering me. It means the absolute world <3

Have a nice day <3



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