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(Commission) Selling: Furnal Equinox 2022 Badges

Furnal Equinox Badge Commissions

All badges feature the character’s name at the bottom and will be outlined with a spot for a lanyard predefined. Prices listed in Canadian dollars for convenience. The turnaround time for these is typically a week. Unlimited slots available but only taking new clients until March 14th. I accept PayPal or e-transfer.
Accepting Anthro (obviously lol), Feral, Humanoid, and Robotic characters!

Online delivery
default standard, you’ll receive both a PNG of their art via email (or your preferred compatible method) and a print-ready CMYK file.

In-Person delivery
, you will still receive the digital files, however in addition to this, I will personally meet with you at the convention and deliver the printed and laminated badge. (lanyard not included) Time and location for the meetup must be discussed and agreed upon at least 2 days in advance or the badge will be shipped to you at a later date + charged shipping costs (it’s like a couple bucks don’t worry). I will be attending for the full duration of the convention so there shouldn’t be any scheduling issues. If a failure of the delivery is my own fault, I will completely cover the cost to ship the goods to you

Bust style – $35 – $40
A headshot or half body of the character with minimal shading, but more detailed linework.

Chibi style – $25 – $30
Features a simplified version of the entire character in my chibi style. (limbs can be enlarged or kept original proportion)


Contact Info
Please feel free to send inquiry to any of my listed contacts!
Discord: RoxxyRogue#4511

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