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(Commission) Selling: – Custom totems and fursona totems – from £65

Hi! I’m currently offering custom totem sculpts in a style like this one, which I make by hand without any kinds of molds. These are approx. 12cm tall. Pictured here is a basic Anubis totem with canopic jar and ankh. I often use mixed media including polymer clay, brass, and glass eyes, among other things.


Each will sit comfortably on your shelf and watch over you and your belongings, or make a neat unique present for someone. I plan to make more Anubises in different forms and colours holding different things, as well as other creatures, cervines, felines, other canids, etc. A custom totem request could be for anything really, so long as it’s fairly animal-like. I can also make your fursonas in this style.

Currently price begins at £65 GBP plus £5 for shipping in the UK or £10 for one of my already made totems, and custom requests may increase in price with increasing complexity and size. Turnaround time is typically 3-4 weeks (I need to order my materials by post) and shipping usually around takes 7-14 days to most locations in the world. Tracking info is provided for shipments.

If you’d like to commission one, please contact me at my email given in the image, or otherwise drop me a note on my DeviantArt. The latter is probably better as I usually have that tab open in my browsers all the time. I’ll see any messages there sooner, probably.

Thanks for looking! :)


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