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(Commission) Selling: – Commissions are OPEN! HQ Sketches, Fullbodies, and Illustrations ($15-$85)


Hello there,
I’m opening commissions!

Pricing is mostly on a case-by-case basis, and can be adjusted.
If you’re interested in commissioning me, please PM me!
You can also contact me at or by discord,
where my user is Blumoonwolf#0477.
As of right now, there are unlimited slots!


A few things to note;;
★ Payment is upfront and via PayPal!
I will accept payment after you have approved a sketch to be finalized

☆ I reserve the right to decline any commissions I feel uncomfortable with.
I will not do NSFW or NSFW-implied artwork

★ You may ask for status updates! You are free to ask for things to be
added/changed until you have approved the sketch! After this, I will begin
lining/coloring the final piece

☆ Art will be finished within one week – if you need it sooner please let me know!

★ Art may be signed as either PikaYu or Blumoonwolf (both are me, but furry art
is typically signed with PikaYu and Blumoonwolf for anything else.)

☆ Additional examples can be found here


Sketches begin at $15 ($20) and include flat coloring (flat coloring not shown in examples)
– Shading and background are +$5
– Extra characters are +$5

Full bodies are $25 ($30) and include full color/cell shading/simple background of a character
– Extra characters are $5 each (discount available for larger amounts of extra characters)
– A basic background is an added $5

(example of an added basic background)

Illustrations begin at $85 ($100) and include color, realistic shading, and a complex background
– Additional characters are +$10 (discount available with 4 or more characters)

If you are interested, please send me a PM!
Or you can contact me at or by discord, my user is Blumoonwolf #0477.
And if you feel up to it, leave a bump below so others may see my commissions page. Thank you for reading

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