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(Commission) Selling: – Charity pay what you will (1usd+) commissions

Some year ago I have moved to Ukraine, which now has a horrific humanitarian situation, as many may know. I have donated every spare coin I have, and now as I am in relative safety of a small mountain hamlet, I’m raising more via offering flat-coloured commissions to donate any income to humanitarian charities.

All of them are pay what you will, which means you commission a piece, and then decide on your own how much it costs. Whatever you pay you’ll get your piece, and your money would go directly to support people left with no food, water, and homes.

You can go for pretty much anything: I specialise in humanoid, anthro characters and maps, though can do feral, and even solely background art.

I am taking them in bunches of five, though due to own cannot really hold the slots – I forget immediately :c

Check put this journal for more details, and if interested, contact via main site note system (not forum PMs, please!), discord, or telegram – whatever of three you find more comfortable.

also, sorry for the lack of flat anthros, i do not think i ever made flat non-humanoid art.


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