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(Commission) Selling: ($50+) – I’ll create a physical stencil of your character and name! (60 USD)


Hi, I’m Multi, developer for , the art community and multimedia ARG. I need money. On top of the Patreon for Gravity Break (which is currently experiencing a hiatus as I try to get money), I’m doing multimedia commissions including art, script editing, and music. See my interactive portfolio here for that. But my spotlight right now is creating character stencils using some unique experience I have:




This commission slot is for a black-and-white vector illustration of your character, along with a word (usually your name). This vector illustration will be turned into a stencil printed on physical cardstock and mailed to you, along with a spraypaint print. Because of the size of the cardstock and the physical limits of stencils, the illustration will usually just be a headshot or a little bit more.

Currently, I need to buy a replacement stencil cutter, which means that the final deliverable (two stencils and a spraypaint print) will take some time to get to you. It’ll take however long it takes for me to get enough money and order a new stencil cutter online, including tools and materials. But the vector illustration will come quickly.

Twitter: MultiGravBreak
Discord: Multi#4518
If you have a public Twitter, please let me know so I can credit you there.


  • You give me references of your character (does NOT need to be a formal ref sheet, just enough to work with) and the word you want
  • I give the OK and you send me $60 by Paypal ( or Venmo (Multi-Hardcore)
  • You tell me whether style or readability matters more to you for the word
  • A day or two later, I come back to you with an original sketch and ask you if it’s okay to proceed
  • I refine the sketch and create the finished raster including the word
  • I convert the raster into a vector and show you (this will be the first deliverable)
  • [ OPTIONAL ] If you need a transparent digital image of the vector with the artist signature removed, I can also provide that
  • Some time passes because I need to get enough money to replace my old stencil cutter
  • You give me your address
  • I pass the vector to the stencil cutter and cut it into 12in x 12in cardstock, tweaking the design if the paper is too flimsy in any spots, and end up printing two final copies
  • I add a little bit of fortification to the stencils
  • I take one of your stencils and create a spraypaint print, also on 12in x 12in cardstock
  • I send all three to you by mail

Here are some more examples of final vectorized illustrations I’ve created for this commission style.



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