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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) – Open Comissions!, Your crystal friend is here to please you

⚡️In case you don’t have an official reference, any image is fine!

⚡️After this you must make the payment through Paypal, please note that you must let me know once you send it so I can write it down!

⚡️I have two Phases to start with, clean sketch and color.

✏️1)In the clean sketch Phase you have the opportunity to change or fix it to your liking, a radical change of idea will have an extra cost.

✏️2)In the coloring Phase you have the opportunity to change things regarding the color.

⚡️When the illustration is ready, I will send you to your email everything related to it, the complete illustration as well as the transparent png and jpg versions.

⚡️If you want to use the illustration for commercial purposes, you must tell me about it and we can talk better about the final price.

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