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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) – lost my job so im doing commissions again [OPEN]

my gallery:

What will you draw?
SOME mechanical objects
Multiple Characters

What won’t you draw?
diaper/vore/some fetishes [mostly for skill reasons, ask for the fetish, I may or may not be able to do it]
birds [feathers will be the death of me, im sorry]
super detailed mecha stuff

I can try backgrounds, but please know I don’t usually do them outside of maybe some shapes in the background, so you can ask, but it will suck

Humans and Furries are priced the same but MLP has their own prices, just DM me about it

A whole character sheet is $45 because it is 2 full bodies and a headshot/bust

Additional Price Information:
For every extra character it is an additional charge / The prices are per person.
If you’re adding an animal, its an additional 5$

my paypal is


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