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(Commission) Selling: ($35+) – Detailed Illustration Commissions – 1 slot OPEN

I’m open for full illustration commissions. 1 slot currently available!

Here’s the info with artworks examples:

(more on FurAffinity main site here!)

1. Thigh-up commission – 110 USD (+50% for second character), background included.

2. Fullbody commission – 140 USD (+50% for second character), background included.



3. Portrait commission – 45 USD, simple or geometric background, and only 1 character.

shading slito2.png

If you’re interested, here are the rules:

1. Payment with Paypal.
2. You will get a *.png file at least 3500px on the larger side.
3. Background could be anything, detailed or not, and it does not affect the pricing.
4. I will need a reference picture of the character and a description of what you want to be depicted in the commissioned artwork.
5. Completion time is 1 to 2 months depending on the complexity of the artwork.​

If you want one or just want to chat, you can contact me here on forums, by email


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