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(Commission) Selling: ($30+) Commission slots open!

Hey there! I’m a digital artist and caricaturist who has been posting my art to FurAffinity for two years. I’ve done a lot of commissions for our community and I would love to do some for you! My style is suitable both for SFW and NSFW projects.


Basic commission: flat color with rudimentary shading/highlights.

$30 for one character in one pose.

$20 for each additional figure in a drawing. The same character in two poses would count as two figures, making the total $50.

$10 for adding a basic variation to the a character drawing. For example the same character in the same pose but switching out a hairstyle or an outfit, giving you two drawings.

Here’s my FA gallery for examples of my typical Furry art.

There’s a wider sampling of my art on my Instagram page in case you are also interested in caricature (great gift!) or other types of artwork. This page also has more examples of female characters than my FA gallery.

I take payment via PayPal, Venmo, Cash App & Zelle. Let’s create something cool together!


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