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(Commission) Selling: ($25+) – Sketchy Reference sheets [20-50 usd]

Hi! im just your average artist trying his best :)
i accept money throu paypal and ko-fi
turnaround time roughly 3-7 days if not less

i will draw :
-complicated designs
-different body types
-uncommon species
-more angles
-alt designs
-draw from unclear reference sheet
-draw from text only descriptions

i won’t draw:
-nazi uniforms
-feral characters
-characters that promote harmful or bigoted views

simple mostly symmetric design front and backview [20 usd]

Slightly more complicated but symmetric design front and backview with small alt [25 usd]


complicated and symmetric desing front, side and back view [35 usd]


complicated unsymmetric design front, 2 sideviews and backview [50 usd]



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