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(Commission) Selling: ($25+) – Headshot commissions 20usd [OPEN]

opening a few headshot commission slots!

20 usd 1 character
30 usd 2 characters

Pic will be colored with shading and will have a simple background like seen in the example pics.

Can do:
Any species, anthro and humanoid
Any gender

Order form
Please send me a DM with the information below when ordering

Name: (how you would like to be referred to)
Character name:
References: (provide a link to a picture of your character)
Extra notes: (anything else you would like me to know, such as deadlines, requests for pose, expressions or backgrounds etc.)
Paypal email:


Payment via paypal, I will send you an invoice if I accept your order.
I won’t refund after the sketch is done and accepted.
I will refund in full, if some reason I am unable to complete the pic.

I will complete the order in 2-4 days from payment, this may vary if you order has 2 characters or your character(s) have complicated design(s).
Please don’t rush me unless you have given me a deadline and I have accepted it
Let me know if you require process pictures, I will provide a sketch for you to accept before I start rendering.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask either in comments or in notes~
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