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(Commission) Selling: ($25+) – Commission open~ / discounted prices!

Hi! I’m an artist from Ukraine, Kharkov. Now we are at war, our city is one of the hot spots.

I decided to stay in Kharkiv.
We’ve had active combat operations for a month now, it’s not as bad as in Mariupol, our city is well defended. But, of course, there is no work for me. Before the war I taught drawing workshops, but my place of work was bombed (Google photos of the Palace of Labor in Kharkiv 2022, it’s a horror). The only way for me to earn an income is to draw to order, so I’m going to do it very actively.

If you’ve ever wanted to order a commission from me, now is the best time to do it. My commissions are open at discounted prices, and portion of the profits from which will go to Ukrainian humanitarian organizations. This is your way of helping us. Thank you!



I’m also accepting donations again. Thank you very much to everyone who can help me!


♡ telegram: JLHanks
♡ discord: JLHanks#8887​

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