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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) – !Prim’s Art Café! $10 to $35+ [OPEN] – Pick what you pay for!

-=Welcome to Prim’s Art Café!=-

Hello! My name is Prim, I use she/they pronouns, and being in highschool, pocket money is hard to come by, so I’ve been looking to use my joy of creating artworks for the people of the internet!
Quick note: I’ll be updating this thread with recent art I’ve done as I go to provide a nice little gallery for you guys!

-=What I Will Draw=-

Original Species (Including Protogens)
Angst/Minor Gore
Simple Color/Pattern Background
Props (Bones, Flowers, Guitars, Weapons)
Characters belonging to you or a friend
Cute-Suggestive Ship Art

-=What I Will Not Draw=-

Suggestive content with Minors involved
NSFW/Fetish Content
Scenes/Location Backgrounds
Heavy Gore or Violence
Mechanical/Complex Armor/Clothing
Characters from T.V.
Replications of other Art Styles


Payment is sent either through CashApp, Google Playstore, eBay, Amazon credits, or some other means, like Steam games or something off of my Amazon Wishlist, (if you have any other suggestions please let me know!)
Because the final price of the artwork may not match up completely with the price of a payment method currently available, I am willing to round down the final price to match a third-party item.
I, unfortunately, cannot currently accept direct Paypal payments.

-=Price Menu=-

-=Main Courses=-
[!] Pick only one [!]

Headshot – $10
Head and Shoulders – $12
Waist and Up – $15
Knees and Up – $20
Fullbody – $25

[!] Pick as many as you’d like [!]

Cell Shading – $5
Soft Shading – $7
Both Soft and Cell – $10
Extra Character – Main Course Price (x1.75)
Suggestive Content (Please ask!) – Total Price (x1.25)
Special Effect (Fire, Flower Petals, Ect) – $3
Small Props (Flowers, Small Weapons) – $5
Large to Complex Props (Chairs, Two-Handed Weapons) – $7

-=Contact Me=-
Business Questions, Deals, or Partnerships:
Send me a note on my DeviantArt Page or my FurAffinity with your filled-out Order Form so we can discuss the commission and final price!

-=Order Form=-

[!] Edits to the form are discouraged, extra characters being the exception, as they require the Character Information section to be repeated. [!]

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