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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) – Icons, Full Bodies, Ref Sheets, and More!

hey all! i have commissions open pretty much all the time (though you can check the status of open slots here whenever! it’s constantly updated)



  • furries
  • humanoids
  • animals
  • canon characters
  • refs from 3D models or real photos
  • nsfw (I’m very new at this so don’t set your bar too high <3)


  • text-only references (exceptions for custom designs, of course)
  • certain fetishes/kinks (ask)
  • gore (blood and violence is fine)
  • mechas/armored characters (UNLESS the armor/tech is simple and cartoony, like Skulker or Fright Knight; also possible exceptions for icons; we can discuss exceptions if I really like the characters, like Junkrat)
  • CANON ships (OC ships are fine, as well as OC x canon!)
  • genderbends (I’m just not personally comfortable with these, sorry)
  • nazis/nazi imagery/racist caricatures/etc. characters that promote harmful or bigoted views
  • general nasty things. use your best judgement

all prices below are in USD and will be paid via paypal invoice!

each commission is available in four styles! all prices below are for style 1; style 2 is +$30; style 3 is +$10; style 4 is +$20!

Icons: $30​


  • 200 x 200 px
  • solid, pattern, or transparent backgrounds
  • choice of border
  • square, rounded square, circle, or other shape
  • *I can do joint icons! But these require two slots because they’re technically two icons. If you want a joint icon, please specify in your initial inquiry*

Chara Dolls: $30​


  • 400 x 400 px (unless multiple characters are involved)
  • transparent backgrounds
  • flat colors only; no shading
  • Designs will be simplified because these are small! If you have special design pieces that you don’t want simplified, specify this on the form!
  • multiple characters allowed; they will be + $20 each

Full Bodies:​

syd 4-2.png
umlaut 2-2.png
turripsaiyan 3-2.png

Sketch: $25
Flats: $50-$60
Full Color: $60-$70


Simple (gradient/shape/transparent): Free
Illustration: sketch +$15; flats +$20-$30; full color +$40-$60 (can be discussed; depends on complexity)

  • sizes vary (I work at 100% zoom and crop/resize my images)
  • *please note that the brush I use for sketches changes constantly*
  • multiple characters allowed; they will be +$15 for sketches, +$30-$40 for flats, and +$40-$50 for full color

Reference Sheets: $125 base​


  • white bg unless asked for otherwise
  • color palette
  • full body 3/4 views (front and back)*
  • sizes vary (I work at 100% zoom but I increase the size)
  • *Extras (such as extra shots of the head for hair styles or something or extra body shots) will be available for at least $5 more! Anything more complicated than that will cost more!
  • +Extra head shot (for maybe a different angle) = +$10
  • +Extra body shot (for multiple outfits or body scar/tattoo/marking references) = +$20
  • +Anything else can be discussed! Some things (such as paw pad refs or extra eye colors) will be free



Sketch: $10
Flats: $25
Full Color: $40

  • sizes vary (I work at 100% zoom)
  • shoulders-up bust of your character
  • white background unless asked otherwise

dm me on any social media (twitter, FA, dA) to reserve a slot, or email me at !

if you have any questions, feel free to ask! thank you so much for your interest! <3


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