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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) – [ EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS ]

I never thought I would need to post something like this, but…
This dying star needs some money to pay bills and have food on the table.
So, I am opening commissions, which are gonna be cheapish.
Please note me or comment below to claim a slot.

Head – $15 [ ✦ EXAMPLE ✦ ]
Half-Body – $20 [ ✦ EXAMPLE ✦ ]
Full-Body – $25 [ ✦ EXAMPLE ✦ ]
note; these will not be shaded.

✔️ Any gender ✦ Male, Female, non-binary. You name it, I draw it.
✔️ Human(oid)s | Anthro(Furry) | Feral ✦ This means I will draw any species, though I am VERY new with insect(oid)s.
✔️ Fetishes | NSFW ✦ This means porn, I will require proof you are of age. Name your fetish and I will see if I will draw it.
✔️ SFW ✦ This can be anything deemed SFW.
✔️ Characters from fandoms ✦ Any fandom.
✔️ Fat characters ✦ Please lemme draw the chubs.
✔️ Hyper anything ✦ I haven’t drawn it yet, but I am willing to give it a go.
✔️ Gore | Scat | Death | Vomit | Piss ✦ Yep, I dabble.
I will draw just about anything, so, just ask if unsure.

❌ Characters that are minors in sexual situations ✦ Meaning if the character is canonically under the age of 18, I will not draw them. Even if you aged them up. I will not draw charatcters that even resemble children. If I think they look like a child, I have the right to refuse your commission. That mean anything loli and shota.
❌ Anything that is hateful ✦ This goes without saying.
❌ Diapers ✦ I am sorry, just not comfortable drawing this.
❌ Non/Dub-Con ✦ Sorry, not drawing it for others.
… if unsure, please ask…

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