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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) – Chibi Commissions!


As it says on the chart, I’m selling chibi illustrations of your fursonas! I provide all the previous steps of the commission you pay for.
That means if you buy a Lineart commission, you also get the Sketch and Colored Sketch illustrations as separate .png files with no additional cost! The same applies to all tiers, if you buy a full illustration with Simple Background, you’ll also get the transparent/white background Full Color, Lineart, Colored Sketch and Sketch for free!

To commission me, you must provide a visual reference. Please give me any detail you have in mind on how you want the art to turn out or if you would rather give me artistic freedom.

Once the details are settled, I will start working on your commission as soon as I receive the first 50% of the price. Once the art is complete, I’ll send you a small watermarked thumbnail as proof. The full resolution non watermarked files will be delivered with the final 50% payment.

Please note that any art bought from me will be:
– Posted on my social media with my signature and/or watermarked.
– Provided to you on full resolution without any signature or watermark.
– Yours to be edited, cropped, recolored and reposted at your own social media with credit (link to my FF and/or TT).

I will be taking 4 slots at a time, which I’ll update here:

SLOT 1: Marcyana (from twitter) Full Color
SLOT 2: empty
SLOT 3: empty
SLOT 4: empty


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