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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) – Anthro Sketch Fullbodies

hi! i want to practice more anthro characters so I’ll be taking 15 usd Sketchy fullbodies! Alternatively I can design an athro oc for you for 30 usd in this same style. I can also do NSFW art but have no relavent examples ):

i am the artist i just…. am too lazy to uh upload the image to my toyhouse which is also jellolas!

please either message me here or shoot an email to :)

1. I will not make changes to the design of your oc unless it is specified BEFORE completion.
2. Must pay within 24 hours of commenting. I do NOT send reminders about payment.
3. I do not do refunds unless I like, take longer than 3 months without proper contact. Generally I contact for delays 3-4 days before the due date I set for you just to let you know.
4. turn around time is 3-4 weeks. However because these are sketches I can do them same day.
5. I am able to deny any design I don’t want to draw, I am not subject to accepting every custom either.
6. I do not make changes past the sketch.
7. After art is completed user will receive a file link.
8. I don’t send wip sketches for sketch fullbodies; in this case I will send a wip sketch to those who are ordering a custom.
9. Transparent backgrounds can be discussed but must be asked for. Otherwise it is a white background or if purchased a scene.

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