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Comissions (selling) – zbrush sculpts / 3D art / digital paintings(dogs)

So basically my job finished and I have fallen into a bit of a financial pickle and i really need to get some money for rent.
Normally 3d art i guess isnt as popular for comission due to the fact that it takes 20000 hours to make but hey,

I mostly offering zbrush sculpt comissions, starting from 200-300EUR, depending on complexicity (bust/fullbody etc)
Here are some examples of my work, though bear in mind that those took me many months but, I’m open to talks just shoot me a message.
I can do also few renders in different light setup or whatever youd want, we can talk! I can do a lot, but yeah time wise it might be tricky.
Also it could be prepared for 3d printing? depends on what it is
so yee

I also offer digital paintings commission, starting from 30EUR + 20 for each new character, though i strongly prefer canine

Pricing: (to be discussed)
Zbrush bust/head: starting from 200Eur
Fullbody: Starting from 400EUR-500
Digital painting: 30EUR + 20 for new char (canine pref)

examples are here
my FFA is a bit dated


dont hesitate to send me a message / ask a question or whatever~


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