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Cloaca’s 2021 Still Cute as Heck Commish Thread – Digital, Trad, Comics, $5 and up! (●’◡’●) (6/21/2021, new examples + plush dolls!)

6/21/2021 NOW OFFERING CROCHET PLUSHIES please look to second post!

Hiya everyone! You can call me Mai, or Oliver. This is my new commish thread as it really needed an overall due to how my art has changed drastically over the last year. :)

Info to PLEASE READ before you message me!!
-NSFW is very much allowed, unless the character is underaged. This also goes for SFW fetish material.
-Please give me as much info as possible so the progress can go faster!
-The turn around time depends on what you want. It can be as short as a single day to as much as over a month (this is typically reserved for comics). Please note I can certainly do time restricted ones unless it’s extremely detailed and you need it within a couple of days.
-Payment usually goes as me asking for it once the piece is half finished, but you can pay upfront if you don’t want to have the watermarks all over the WIPs. As well, if a commission goes at $20 or over, I do ask for it up front.
-Please note that a lot of the traditional examples are my own art, actual commissions will be cleaner and scanned
-All prices are in CAD, and they are not flat! Things that bump up the price are:​

-I will happily draw essentially anything, ferals or anthros or humans or monsters or mecha!

Traditional Art Slots: Currently unlimited
Digital Art Slots: 1/3

Headshots: $5
Half bodies: $10
Full bodies: $15
Chibis: $7
Backgrounds: $10 for a nature scene, $15 for urban (ie, if it’s in a home or on a street)
Black and white/single colour: Cuts each half in price if not shaded, knocks down each price by $3 if there is shading

Styles that I offer:
Other examples can be found:
FA account

(please note that digital is slower than traditional work, most of the time!)

Special styles: Black and white ($10 each character) and simple pencil busts ($5)




Coloured Pencil:



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