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Cheap Commissions [ $5-$10+ • 2 SLOTS LEFT!] Sketches/Lineart/Colors/Shading+Lighting/More

Hey folks! I hope everyone is doing well so far this year. I am taking on something major this year regarding my working career: I’m starting a YouTube/Rumble channel that’s going to be focused on art, mostly in creature design, art tips, reviews and some other stuff. My job search in the Graphic Design field has been abysmal so this is one of my last shots to get myself out of my current financial/personal ditch.

In order to create my videos, I just got a subscription to Adobe Premier Rush since I really like this program over the other video-making programs I’ve used. Thankfully thanks to previous wonderful clients I was able to get my sub! Now what I need is a new Wacom Pen, since the one I’m currently using is dying (no eraser, spotty pressure, ect.) I currently have around $10 in my PayPal, and I need a brand new pen (I’m not looking to buy used pens).

Therefor, I’m offering some cheap, quick commissions so I can get my sub at the beginning of the year. I am offering cheap commissions like $5-10-15 Sketches, $5-10-15-20 Line Art, ect. I’m willing to haggle depending on how complex or simple your request is. I may also open more slots in the coming months depending on demand.

You can see all my current work here at my website HERE:

Current Quota:
1.) Turnivis
2.) Lance-C-Bones
3.) Pineapplefox

Lastly, I will credit you guys as some of my first video supporters in my upcoming videos if you would like. ;) Thank you for any and all support! I’m really working hard for this to be the big change needed for my career for the better. Just comment below, DM me here or email me at ! V


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