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Characters in video games you love

Pretty simple topic, but it has a lot of potential.

From all the video games you’ve played, what characters really caught your admiration, and caused you to love them, either emotionally, or through gameplay.

One example for me was Mordecai from Borderlands. I love lots of the games characters, but he was the first I picked in the genre. When I first got the original game, me and my brother played it together. I wanted the sniper class, and I wasn’t only satisfied with his skills, but also his personality. He had a bit of an attitude, much like a savant marksman, and used his falconry with his pet alien bird to attack people. He had a couple of abilities that granted him health regeneration for survivability, which is not common for sniper classes. It allowed me to be more daring with him, and join my brother in battle without worrying about taking damage.


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