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Chaotic Good Superheroine Looking for a Rough and Tough man (M/F+18)

A rather narrowed and to the point post, but sort of what I’m looking for. Simply put, I’m looking for a big, strong, and imposing male for Grau here. A simple romance, but on “her” terms. Grau is one of my few heroines and I’m in the mood to not play the psychopath this time around. Note: It doesn’t have to be size-difference based, she can turn to normal, albeit slightly tall stature. Grau is very chaotic good, she’s the jerk with a heart of gold. She’s imperfect, which is why she is fun. I like to take things slow, (she’s a super-mutant freak after all, you’d think there would be some rough conversations at the start.) But she can be caring and friendly, also cheerful and witty. We shall do this on Discord, (because I am mostly active on there.)

Now for da rules:
1.ADULTS ONLY, (if it’s not painfully obvious.) I’m wanting an adult character and she is 23, so I want adults. (Even if I generally lead towards SFW roleplay narrative, I still want it to be mature filtered regardless.)
2.I don’t mind you not being male IRL, but know Grau is straight so I would like a reference of your male character, please. (Once more, I’m VERY picky when it comes to Grau.)
3.I can do paragraph or script, but please put effort.
4.Know Grau can come off as snarky, sarcastic, rude, and troublesome. (Her father is the main villain of my story and a lot of his personality rubbed off on her in terms of mannerisms. She’s not a mary sue, she is down to earth with her personality.)
5.Please, have your Discord on hand and your reference to your man.
6.Older men are okay, (I’m almost 30 IRL, and as long as they’re both adults I’m really not creeped out about it.)

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