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casual bubble/rubber related RP existence

Hey, I’m looking to see if anyone wants to try some simple story RP with some bubble/rubber stuff shoved in for the sake of “why not?” I’m fairly active all day and could RP at anytime [given that I’m not already occupied with something else], and I can go for a couple hours or so to RP. Length of responses doesn’t matter too much to me [a sentence or two at the minimum], so as long as I can understand what you’re getting across; a decent response time is also quite preferred, since keeping a good paced RP is nice. I’m pretty big on bubble stuff, and I’m relatively new to rubber related roleplaying, so either is fine with me– so as long as it doesn’t go into the realm of NSFW stuff. I’m also quite heavy on stories for roleplaying, which I really enjoy to prioritize.
I use Discord; if you’re cool with wanting to try RPing about stuff, let me know and I’ll DM you my Discord.

What I’m fine with:
-Bubbles. They’re very cool.
-Inflatables and stuff related to it.
-Dumb humor of a decent range.
-Good story/Casual RPs/Existence.
-Mildly suggestive stuff– depends.

What I’m not fine with:
-Unbelievably powerful characters/godmoddding
-Typing one thing and something entirely else happens/forcing stuff to happen with little to no reason
-Sending a message every 20+ minutes or so/Slow RPing/messaging in general.

don’t mind this picture; just some existence.



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