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Calling All Single Die-Hard “Disney Furries” in Search of a Deeper Connection!


Hey there everyone! I haven’t the foggiest idea of where exactly on the forums that this would be best to make this known to folks, so I figured I’d drop it here in the “general” category. I’d like to point any furries that are also die-hard Disney fans that are looking for anything from simply sharing their interest/passion for it with other like-minded individuals to those who might also be hoping/trying to potentially find “a special someone” who shares that Disney fan connection as well… to this Telegram group chat:


The Specs of This Group Chat Are as Follows:

To all who come to this place of those seeking love… welcome!!! Are you a fur who is trying to find that “special someone” who is also just as Disney-obsessed as you are? This is the place! I’d like to point any single furries that may be looking to let their Disney fandom (within the furry fandom) shine as they chat in a space, created just for them, that is dedicated to furries that are also massive Disney fans. Wether it’s watching the films and related media content, visiting the parks and resorts, and everything in-between… this shall be a place where you can connect with other like-minded Disney nuts that consider the mouse a big part of their life!

All Disney-loving furries are welcome in this group and it is acceptable to chat about Disney and related topics in general, however, this group has a more specialized potential purpose of trying to link furries to other furries in an attempt to potentially spark a genuine connection with another who is just as Disney crazy as they are. This is a newly created group that is dedicated to that effort! That said, the general chat should be kept to a G – PG rating, and any “deeper connections” should be conducted through PM only, with permission. Please no harassing other members if they are not interested, we cannot be responsible for things that go on within private messages… but troublemakers will be dealt with accordingly within the group itself, so please be polite, civil, and respectful within the chat itself… we’re all here to share our love of Disney with each other, not to get swept up in furry drama! Please do not bother joining if you’re not a Disney fan and all you plan to do is troll other members!!

As mentioned above, everyone is welcome, but obviously single furries are the clientele this group should be catering to. As already stated, this group is brand new and currently holds only a few members at this time, so growing the baseline population is where things need to start at. If you know any other chats, groups, or other online places in general (with permission from whomever runs said online realm of course), please spread the word to other Disney-head furries that may find such a group useful! We know it’s sometimes hard to meet a “special someone” who is also a big Disney obsessive that can share that same passion and interest, so this is what this group is going to be all about! Again, all types of fans are welcome to join as well (just maybe make it clear in your bio that you’re not single and/or not looking… for those who are single and looking, it might be helpful for you do include your age, sex, location, and what sex and age range you’re looking for in your bio as well to make things more clear to other users).

The link to join the Telegram group can be found below:


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