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Hello I’m Lillian (26), a brand new NSFW artist on FA! Minors DNI. I actually had another account a long time ago but didn’t end up using it and lost it eventually. I’ve been posting art to the internet since 2013 and have been on DA, Twitter and Toyhouse. I still have active accounts on Toyhouse and Twitter.

I sell Adoptables, write erotica and do commissions! I’d love to make new art friends as I’ve only had like…one or two in my entire time on the internet. My other interested include video games and a hyperfixation with music. I play on the PS and the Switch, usually soft simulation/farming games but I’ve dabbled in almost every other game genre out there.

I wouldn’t say I’m strongly in the furry community, I kinda admire from afar and toss the occasional furry out there but My partner is really involved. I’m hoping to raise enough money on here to help support them As they work to provide for the family while I myself cannot work. So I do what I can from home to help out!

Here are some of my art examples (SFW):



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