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Hey everyone i’m Hsin, i’m kinda new to FA but i hope someone will be interested! I do mostly humans and anthros but i like practicing on ferals as well!
You can check my works on IG!



To order please either write me a pm or send me an email at:
Commission – *yourname*

  • Your paypal email:
  • Your FA/DA/IG/Twitter/etc. username(s):
  • Your Character Images:
  • Amounts of Character:
    • Single character? couple characters? groups characters? Extra fee +$10 per character for multiple characters.
  • Character References Sheet:
    • If you don’t have ref sheet I’m still able to take your commission inquiry but please write me a description as detailed as you can, both phisical and of their character, behavior, ecc
  • Type of Commission:
    • Headshot/Bust-Shot/Half-Body/Full-Body?
    • Lineart Only? Colored? (If you choose Lineart Only)
  • Description of Your Idea:
    • Tell me all about the idea details that you want in your commission including: pose, clothing, props, story backgrounds, etc. And the most important are: What are character doing? What you want to be drawn? (If you’d like to give me artistic freedom please let me know).
  • More References:
    • Feel free to add more another references as your description idea if you have (i.e stock photos, moodboard, color palette, landscape photos, etc.), It will be helpful to me for visualise as your vision.
  • [Optional] Deadline Sensitives:
  • [Optional] Note & Questions:

If your commission is a commercial project, contact me directly:
: I’m Interested in a Commission For Commercial Project – *yourname*
You may following this form with improvement description from you for commercial purpose
These rates will be industry rates and usually significantly higher.


    • Sent your commission request as the form above, I’ll reach you as soon as possible.
    • After discussion and negotiating about your commission request. I’ll sent invoice to your paypal email.
    • Payment upfront via Paypal in USD within 48 hours.
    • After I received the payment, I’ll start it and sent WIP to you for approval.
    • You’ll get WIP sketch for approval first. This stages are important to tell me for any changes and revisions. Usually my main WIP workflow stage: Rough Sketch -> Lineart -> Base Color -> Finishing!
    • Final artwork in High Resolution .PNG, .PDF, .JPG @300dpi | Send to your email address in 2 version – watermark & unwatermarked
    • You can request additional separated file (please let me know if you want – no extra fee). Included lineart only, character only, transparent background, background only (for full-scenery). But not .psd file, unless if you purchased full rights, ask first.
    • WATERMARK – You may post the artwork on your sites. I’m recommend reduced version (900px width portrait / 1600px width landscape / 600-800px square). The most important is: credits in the description ‘Art by HsinVega’ or ‘BlackLotus’ -linking are optional- or tag/mention HsinVega (on Furaffinity).
    • UNWATERMARKED – Only keep for you, your drives, just nowhever public.
    • Turnaround may variated. Depending on the type commission services and queue waiting list.
    • Normally min turnaround is 2 days, max turnaround is 45 days
    • If you have specific deadlines sensitives, please let me knows. It will be extra fee +$10


  • Rights of Artist:
    • Rights of distribution on any sites (I post these artworks on my main page or any others sites for portfolio, reduced size images)
    • Rights of promotional purpose (I have my own promotional template, so It may edit/cropped. But I’ll keep visible credit owners)
    • Rights of all designs I create (Characters belongs to you but artwork still draw by me.)
  • Rights of Commissioner:
    • Repost artwork on your sites you have, with credits in description (linking are optional)
    • Edit/Crop the artwork and use it as icons, banners, etc. (please keep credits visible i.e PFP by HsinVega, Art by HsinVega)
    • Print the artwork for your personal use (posters, t-shirt, etc.)
    • Gift for your friends such as holidays seasons or birthday
    • You cannot use the artworks for commercial purposes
    • You cannot claim the artwork draw by your own



  • Anthros (Animals, Living Machine, Unique)
  • Animals / Feral
  • Fantasy Species
  • Fanart*
  • Weapons
  • Mecha / Futuristic Parts
  • Steampunk Parts
  • Nature Scenery Environment
  • Rawr! Tastefully Mild Erotic
  • NSFW 18+ Sexual Porn
  • Human, Humanoid, Anime, MLP style
  • Extremely Fat/Inflation, Bara
  • Fetishes
  • Futuristic Scenery Environment
  • Gore

*Ask first because i cannot do fanart of OC without artist consent.


  • Offensive, Political, Hate Speech, Suicidal, etc.
  • Extreme Violence
  • Very little else

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