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Been using FA for almost 3 weeks but can’t seem to get my gallery to show up in my profile

Hey everyone! Lime here, first of all so sorry if this thread has been made before, I can’t seem to find anything about this issue

So I’m new to FA, I like how reminiscent it is to old dA as it has felt familiar to browse and upload stuff and that’s really cool c:

However (as the title says) I can’t get the gallery to show up in my profile, it looks as if I haven’t submitted anything to begin with.

I wrote a journal entry about this a couple of weeks ago asking for help and it doesn’t seem to look that way to others but i’m still not sure,
as I just tried to use the “commissions” tab on my user page and even though I could create a commission type, my commissions sheet isn’t showing up
even though I tried putting the submission ID twice, and i’m guessing it has something to do with this as well

One person said it might be a website lag but it’s been like this since I joined and I’m almost worried I might be doing something wrong? I hope someone can help me with this

Thank you in advance!


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